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02/07/2021 - 08:38

Cooling down at Kien ravine

Among the mountain scenery of A Luoi, Kien ravine still retains all of its natural and peaceful features of the highland. It’s a perfect choice to relax and escape the heat of Hue in the summer’s days with a trip to Kien ravine to cool down.

Kien ravine in A Luoi

To feel the "cooling effect" of nature, you must set foot upon this place at least once. Kien ravine lies under the shades of forest trees, with fresh water and murmuring streams, bringing in a feeling of peace and relaxation.

The name Kien ravine was coined by tourists from Hue. That is the affirmation of many indigenous people. Located in A Den village, Hong Thuong commune, just a few kilometers from the town center, Kien ravine is not too strange to the locals.

Interestingly, the original name, according to the people living nearby, was Can Tom ravine, but due to the presence of many Kien Kien trees (Hopea pierrei trees), that the name Kien ravine came into beingin the mind of Hue tourists who came here to visit. Over time, this second name grew and became the official name for this destination.

Unlike other famous streams and waterfalls of A Luoi, Kien ravine is not jet an invested tourist destination. This place is suitable for backpacking experiences, especially families or groups of friends who share the same passion.

From the Ho Chi Minh Road to Kien ravine, there are short sections that have not been concreted, but still possible for cars to reach it, just 3 to 5 minutes’ walk from the stop. In particular, with the ongoing aggregate road project, the concerns of those who prefer convenient traffic can be resolved in the near future.

At Kien ravine, there are areas with deep water where adults can freely swim and dive

Among the mountain scenery of A Luoi, Kien ravine still retains its wild character. Not too many people come here. Kien ravine has many large cobblestone fields, large enough to set up tents for groups of friends and families next to the water.

In Kien ravine, there are bathing spots for both adults and children. The topography given by nature makes it possible for this place to have water ponds like lakes up to 5 meters deep; but there are also shallow water spots that are safe for children to cool off on a summer day. There is also a vacant lot nearby for team building games.

It’s hard to compare Kien ravine with other waterfalls that are also tourist destinations. However, Kienravine can still be a good choice for people who love to experience the wilderness and it is also not far from the center of A Luoi district. In particular, it is the inherent physical characteristic of Kien ravinethat it is declared by travelers as a "0 VND-destination".

Story and photos: HUU PHUC