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24/02/2022 - 14:23

Developing peach blossom garden in A Luoi

After the Lunar New Year, A Luoi district and Hue City continue to call for donations of peach blossom trees used during Tet to build A Luoi peach blossom garden. The appeal this time call has many differences, at least it being no longer experimental.

Walking on the path in the peach blossom forest in A Luoi

The appeal "Instead of throwing away, give Tet peach blossom trees to A Luoi district" has been shared strongly on Facebook these days. The gathering points for Tet peach blossom trees to give A Luoi are in Hue City (next to Ho Chi Minh Museum, Le Loi - Tran Thuc Nhan street) and in the highland district (A Luoi market area).

The appeals with pictures of the garden of peach blossom planted after last Lunar New Year were supported through most of comments as this idea was very humane.

I have the opportunity to witness the whole process of implementing the idea of a peach blossom forest in the highlands from the days of calling for donations to digging, transporting, planting and taking care of the peach blossom garden in the area near the pine hill, behind the A Luoi District Ethnic Cultural Activities Center. I also feel happy when I see peach blossoms blooming on the occasion of the Lunar New Year.

The number of peach blossom trees unsuccessfully tested is quite large, but thanks to the care process, there are still more than 100 peach blossom trees of different sizes growing well. It is spectacular that some large peach blossom trees donated by people from Hue city and the local people started to adapt well to the climate and soil and blossomed on the occasion of Tet.

A question frequently asked is why not other trees but peach blossom., Many people even asked me that question knowing that I commute to A Luoi quite often.

Mr. Nguyen Manh Hung, Chairman of A Luoi District People's Committee, explained in his appealsthat many local people often like to buy flowers for Tet decoration, but hardly replant them after Tet for later use.  For peach blossom trees, they are often thrown away after Tet due to the difficulty of long-term planting because the weather in Hue city is hotter than in A Luoi.

Peach blossom trees planted in A Luoi after last Tet now in blossoms this Lunar New Year.

Leaders of A Luoi district contacted leaders of Hue City Party Committee and the Green Park Center to ask for the number of trees that people intend to throw away for planting trials in A Luoi district and encouraged officials and local people to support this district to plant a peach blossom garden in the highlands. This idea was first tested but then it was replicated at the success of the pilot.

The fact that peach blossoms bloomed brilliantly this Tet ensures the appeal for building A Luoi peach blossom forest and clear public skepticism about this idea. According to Mr. Nguyen Van Hai, Vice Chairman of A Luoi District People's Committee, the peach blossom trees donated by people everywhere will be planted in the peach blossom garden behind the Ethnic Cultural Activities Center of A Luoi District. At the same time, it is expected that they can be planted in some tourist destinations and a road in the center of the district to create a landscape and attract tourists.

“Along with the peach blossom trees that people donated after Tet, the locality will also plant small forest peach blossom trees. Although these trees grow slowly and will take longer to bloom, it is expected that they will develop and contribute to the embellishment of A Luoi peach blossom forest, a local tourist destination," said Mr. Hai.

Story and photos: Huu Phuc