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19/12/2020 - 16:10

Exhibition and demonstration of Hue Ao Dai sewing profession 

In the framework of Hue Ao Dai Festival which takes place from December 18 to 20, on the morning of December 18, the Hue Sewing - Embroidery - Fashion Association opened the exhibition and demonstration space for Ao Dai at the Center for Culture - Information - Sports (23-25 Le Loi Street).

Space for displaying and honoring Hue Ao Dai

The exhibition space introduces to the viewers Nguyen Huu Hoang's collection of ancient Ao Dai; Ao dai samples of the tailors, Hue designers; Ao Dai models simulating the royal attire.

This space also displays products, accessories, techniques to make accessories; at the same time, organizing demonstrations of sewing and embroidering Ao dai processes, making lotus-leaf and Lepironia articulata conical hats; organize drawing and decorating on traditional Ao Dai ...

Participating in the sewing show, Ms. Nguyen Trang, a tailor with more than 20 years of profession experience said: “I am very happy that the garment industry is honored at Hue Ao Dai Festival. From here, the beauty of Hue Ao Dai is known by many people and spread further. Ao Dai can be sewed everywhere, but Hue Ao Dai still has its difference in its traditional look, wide flaps, and carefully crafted and meticulous ways ... ”.

Visiting the exhibition space, Ms. Hong Thi Dieu Hang shared: “Once a teacher at Hai Ba Trung High School, my life has always been attached to Ao Dai for decades. Therefore, I am very touched when the province held such a solemn festival to honor Ao Dai ”.

In this space, viewers can also enjoy a photo exhibition consisting of works in the photo contest "The View of Hue Women" with the theme "Gentle Purple".

Below are some pictures that Thua Thien Hue Online recorded at the exhibition space and the performing Ao Dai sewing:

Gallery of Ao Dai from past and present: The collection of Ao Dai by the collector Nguyen Huu Hoang

Ao dai designs of Hue designers and tailors

Demonstrating stages of Ao Dai sewing profession

Measure and sew Ao Dai

Men also wear Ao Dai during the festival

The display space also introduced samples of accessories for Ao Dai: Kim Khanh, Kim Bội.

Introducing the traditional profession of making conical hats that contributes to honoring the beauty of women

Displaying lotus conical hats, a new product of Hue

Products from Pho Trach lepironia cushion

Booth introducing products from lacquer

Art students painting for traditional Ao Dai

Story and photos: Minh Hien