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07/04/2019 - 17:09

Final round of English Talent Contest 2019

With the story "Little Red Riding Hood", Hoang Khai Minh - a pupil of class 3/1 of Tran Quoc Toan Primary School (Hue City), won the first prize in the English Talent Contest 2019 after passing the final round, which took place on April 6.

Hoang Khai Minh on the prize-giving podium

Taking place from March 23, this is a contest organized by the Department of Education and Training of Hue city and Huong Thuy town, together with UCI International Education Investment and Development Joint Stock Company (AMA Hue) for the 3rd grade pupils from 14 primary schools in the province.

In the preliminary round, after passing the reading and writing skills test, 106 pupils (out of nearly 500 participants) entered the second round of competition named ‘100 arena’. The 10 best contestants met together at the story telling part in the final round with the content compiled according to Cambridge Mover standard (the level for children from 8-10 years old).

In the final round, Hoang Khai Minh won the first prize after demonstrating her English skills through the story "Little Red Riding Hood" in the story telling part.

According to Mr. Lam Thuy - Deputy Head of Education and Training Department of Hue city, this was a useful intellectual playground to help pupils experience reality and it was needed to be replicated. "Foreign languages ​​in general, English in particular are opportunities and conditions for students to integrate better," Mr. Thuy emphasized.

By Minh Trang