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20/10/2020 - 08:40

Gentle, elegant “vintage” photography

The nostalgic photography which is so-called the “vintage” style is being a “hot trend” for young tourists when traveling to a new land, and Hue is the greatest choice for them to have the satisfactory “vintage” photo albums.

A “vintage” photo of Olivia Hoang when she visited Hue. Photo: Nguyen Hung


The “vintage” style in photography can be fully understood as a type of photography with classic, gentle and elegant-designed clothes. Therefore, the “vintage” photograph has attracted young people who have a great passion and those being interested in nostalgic photographs, especially on their journeys to the new lands with nostalgic spaces.

Many tourists do not hesitate to pay an expense to get their own “vintage” photo albums when traveling.

Hung Vo, a photographer, shared that when taking “vintage” photos, the models will be stood out through fashion trends from the past decades such as clothes, landscapes, accessories of the 40s to 80s of the last century. The photos mostly have soft and faded colors or added the shades of pink, blue, and light red to emphasize the nostalgia.

With the “vintage” photography style in the midst of modern flow, to implement a successful album and produce the best artworks,  according to the photographer Hung Vo, it requires the meticulousness in choosing both costumes, accessories, make-up looks and the  backgrounds.

For customers who are travelers, the requirements are even higher, because in addition to the shooting techniques, and camera angles, the backgrounds, and the costumes also play such important roles that they must be the most typical ones of the land. Reaching these requirements, the “album of reportage photos” will turn into a story of tourists’ experiences in Hue.

Taking photos in a nostalgic style is being a “trend” of young people. Photo: Nguyen Hung

On travel groups and communities, many youngsters often “show off” their “vintage” albums after taking each trip. According to the leaders of the Tourism Department, currently, there are some “photo tours” capturing this trend in Hue. This is not only a new tourism product but also an effective tourism promotion channel. It is because Hue is a destination of culture, and heritage which can satisfy the tourism lovers and the ones who are in love with nostalgic photography.

A distinctive style

Olivia Hoang, a young tourist in love with traveling having been to many places and taken a great number of “vintage” photo albums, said that coming to Hue, having a chance to wear the ancient royal costumes and taking photos in the ancient spaces inside the Imperial Citadel; her photos are the most nostalgic ones she has ever had.

Olivia Hoang shared her experiences that you ought to come to the Imperial Citadel in the morning. As this time, the architecture here has the best direction of light for being photographed. Furthermore, with the fresh air in the morning, you will have time to take a walk and indulge in photographing without being exhausted.

According to Mrs. Phan Nguyen Thi Tu Phuong from Ha Noi Tourist Service Joint Stock Company – Hue Branch, many young tourists coming to Hue have the same opinion that Hue is the place to get the most luxurious-feeling “vintage” photos, because this land has the diversity in both Western and Eastern architectures; Furthermore, Hue also has the Imperial Citadel, temples, the system of royal tombs and pagodas, churches, and monasteries, etc. After visiting Hue, being captivated by the scenes, many tourists hire professional photographers to take photos for them. Some other groups even hire a “camera crew” to do that.

Instead of being bustling and noisy as many other places, Hue is associated with the old nha ruong on Bach Dang street and Bao Vinh ancient town. At the same time, this place is familiar with the images of shady tree rows along Le Loi street, the tranquil Huong River, and the cyclo wheels still “rotating evenly” on the roads, etc. The people working on tourism services also design the coffee shops and “check-in” destinations with full of classic features that make the fans of “vintage” photography desire to come to Hue more times.

Therefore, on the “Viet Nam oi” travel group, it’s always easy to see the reviews (assessments and comments), as well as the shares of “vintage” lovers when they come to Hue such as you must prepare a set of “vintage” clothes. For example the clothes in boho style (liberal and nomadic style), “vintage” shirts, overalls, ao dai, especially royal costumes which can be hired when coming to Hue. The accessories can be a classic-style motorbike or an old-styled bicycle. In terms of choosing colors in photography, it will be better to be in brown, gray blended with yellow and light red which are typical of the Hue Imperial Citadel, etc.

Quang Sang