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Local specialties for Tet holiday

TTH.VN - Hue is an area with many regional specialties. The end of the year is an opportunity for these products to be more widely known in the market. Many stores selling agricultural and local specialties recently have also displayed products and specialties of the region for the Tet holiday.

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Ginger jam for the Tet season 

Products serving the Tet market such as sun-dried beef, A Luoi tet cake made from charcoal sticky rice, Kim Long ginger jam, Chuon village tet cake, and Hien An 1 thuan cake are popular choices for many buyers. Mr. Tran Quoc Cuong (Hue City) stated: “I've heard that the sun-dried beef from A Luoi is delicious and of guaranteed quality, so this Tet, I will buy 2-3 kilograms to treat my guests. In addition, A Luoi also offers charcoal sticky rice tet cakes, which are not only unique and tasty but also a local specialty, so we are buying them for consumption during the Tet days”.

Wandering around some rural areas, people are busy with the production stages of traditional cakes to serve during Tet. Hien An 1 village, Vinh Hien commune, Phu Loc district is a village famous for its thuan cake. This year, due to high demand, nearly 10 specialized households are working hard to produce enough cakes to supply the market.

Making thuan cakes is a traditional profession in Vinh Hien. Every year, as the beginning of the lunar December approaches, the village becomes a hive of activity, with people working from morning till night to produce the cakes. These cakes are not only sold in nearby markets but also are pre-ordered by many people from distant areas. Similarly, the Chuon village tet cakes (in An Truyen hamlet, Phu An commune, Phu Vang district) follows the same pattern. In the last days of December (Lunar Calendar), Chuon village is filled with the lively and bustling atmosphere of households making tet cakes together to prepare for the upcoming traditional Tet holiday for both local and out-of-province customers.

Ms. Lan, a person deeply connected with the tradition of making tet cakes, shares: “To create a regional specialty, meticulousness is required in the preparation of ingredients, the technique of making cakes, and professional baking experience to ensure that the cakes have the characteristic delicious and fragrant taste”.

The specialty of Chuon village's tet cakes is a traditional dish that carries the significance of harmonious and adaptable living. Through many generations, the people of Chuon village have consistently preserved the traditional art of making tet cakes for the Lunar New Year, maintaining the distinctive cultural traits within the regional specialty. With its unique flavor secret, Chuon village's tet cake has become an irresistible dish when you have the opportunity to visit this craft village.

Tet is also a time when the market consumes various specialty products. Therefore, it becomes an opportune moment to promote the local brand and specialties to consumers, presenting a chance to expand the market in the future.

Story and photo: Ngoc An
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