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05/06/2018 - 08:33

Hue city responds to World Environment Day

In response to World Environment Day (June 5), the provincial committee of Vietnam Fatherland Front and Thuan Loc Ward (Hue City) held the launching ceremony "2018 Action Month for Environment and 2018 Environment Day" on June 3.

With the theme of "Getting of pollution caused by plastic and nylon", the response activities were to call the local communities to changing their consumption habits and reducing plastic wastes.

After the launching ceremony, the residents  of Thuan Loc Ward joined hands to do the cleaning. At the same time, activities of propagating businesses, production facilities, trading centers and supermarkets to cut down plastic use, minimize plastic and nylon packaging, and enhance the usage of products made from environmentally friendly materials, etc.

On the same day, the provincial committee of Vietnam Fatherland Front also held a meeting and launched activities to respond to "2018 Action Month for Environment” and “2018 Environment Day" in Phong My Commune, Phong Dien District. Several  community-based activities were organized such as "Say no to disposable plastic products", “Advance for the cleaning of the environment, and “ Collect and treat wastes and garbage”, etc.

By Hao Vu