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29/10/2018 - 08:11

Hue city to build model administrative center

According to Mr. Nguyen Van Thanh, Chairman of People’s Committee of Hue city, the determination of the city is to build a model Public Administrative Center which does not work stereotypically and mechanically, but bring in efficiency.

The Public Administrative Center of Hue city was established in April 2017 on the basis of transferring material facilities, equipment, officials, operation expense of the department of receiving dossiers and returning results following a ‘one door’ mechanism of Hue city. The main functions and missions of this center are to hold the reception and return of results of administrative procedure settlement of organizations, individuals; explain and guide organizations, individuals to hand in and receive the results of administrative procedure settlement in the right order, and procedure of the rules; hold or co-hold propaganda activities at the center, etc. Since the beginning of this year, the center has tackled over 38 thousand units of dossiers.

Returning transaction dossiers at the public administrative center of Hue city

According to the comment of Mrs. Nguyen Thi Vui in An Dong ward, in comparison with the former dossiers receiving and returning department, at present, the public administrative has got many changes, from the service attitude to the methods of settling dossiers and returning the results on time. The people coming to solve administrative procedures have to take the ordinal numbers, so it creates the fairness, objectiveness and prevent the situations of depending on the someone for helps.

In addition to receiving dossiers and returning results on the fields of land, construction, tax, social insurance, etc., in order to create favorable condition for people, the center has created personal accounts for people coming to solve administrative procedures. Therefore, all of the dossiers are digitalized to inter-connect to administrative units in the area. This is a new progress, creating favorable condition for inspection units to quickly, and clearly handle dossiers and minimize mistakes.

Mr. Hoang Van Quang, Director of Public Administrative Center of Hue city said that, previously, some of the people coming to solve administrative procedures complained about the delay because the cadres did not settle it on time; the feedbacks had not been considered carefully so it made people annoying. From the beginning of 2018 up to now, in the spirit of dedicated serving, the center’s staff has attempted to complete the dossiers on time. In the case that some dossiers have not been settled on time or there are problems, people would give feedbacks to the center and the leaders have to be responsible for explaining and coordinating with units for a complete settlement.

In 2018, Hue city continued to step up the work of reforming administration, improving the efficiency of building and promulgating legal documents, publicizing, clearing the administrative procedures; at the same time, intensifying the coordination, actively solving difficulties, remedying the situation of settling dossiers late, especially in the land field, therefore, bringing into play the responsibility of the heads of offices, units, localities in the work of administrative reform.

Looking for information at the one-door department in Phuong Vinh ward

According to Mr. Hoang Van Quang, although the center has done many efforts to improve the service quality, it still has to face some difficulties. At present, the software system at the center still cannot join with specialized software, especially with the software of units which have the number of delay on the system; there are no effective monitoring tools, so the statistics are not identical and still deviated.

The Chairman of People’s Committee of Hue city, Nguyen Van Thanh said that, the number of work at the public administrative center is numerous, in which there are many complicated procedures such as issuing the certificates of land use right, land ownership right. Therefore, the city always guides and requests cadres, officers to work responsibly with all their hearts to serve people and enterprises in a best way, creating the sympathy towards the center.

Story, photos: Thanh Huong