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15/07/2019 - 08:42

Inspiring the love for folk art in children through experience tours

In addition to experience tour of a farmer’s life or community tourism for children in the summer holiday, traditional folk art tours are attracting the attention of many parents and students.

Behind the stage of a water puppet show

Experience tour is a part of a series of activities to experience the summer days of the Vietnam Almighty Life Skills Education Center at the price of 300,000 VND per child (with parents if needed). Children will visit, experience the destinations, learn the traditional professions in traditional villages, play together and increase their interaction with peers. Parents can register via Facebook Toannangviet and enjoy these interesting journeys with their children.

We had the opportunity to follow the tour of Hue water puppet art and kite-making organized by Viet Almighty Life Skills Education Center, in coordination with Hue Water Puppet Theater and kite artisans in the area, giving children interesting experiences.

The bus took the children to the Hue Water Puppet Theater where they listened to Mr. Nguyen Phi Tuan, the Director of the Theater, introducing this traditional folk theater art.

“The art of water puppetry has different characteristics than those of the common puppet show: using the water surface as a stage, using a backdrop behind, creating a water puppet performance stage like the worship hall in Vietnamese communal houses and temples, around the stage are flags, fans, elephants, parasols, gates ... On the "stage" are puppets (made of wood) performed by the people behind the backdrop through a pole and rope system... Water puppet shows must have accompanying drums and sounds of firecrackers…

After listening and watching water puppet, stage puppet and string puppet performances, the children also directly interacted with the artists and were instructed on how to perform some simple water puppet shows and how to make puppets.

At the end of the puppet show, the children were guided by kite artisans on how to make kites, create kite shapes and learn how to fly a high kite.

Mr. Nguyen Dang Nhat Truong, who directly hosts the tour, shared: ‘children today lack the knowledge of culture, folk art, customs, traditions and practical experience. Therefore, this art experience tour will help arouse the young the love for Hue cultural characteristics in particular and for the national culture in general. In the near future, we will organize more cultural, life and artistic tours ... to help children have more social skills and knowledge’.

Photos captured by Thua Thien Hue Online after 1 day of experience with the children:

String puppetry

Eager to be water puppet performers

Attempting to shape puppet characters

A French tourist is happy with his creation

Creativity on kites

Results after working over 2 hours

Flying kites

Story and photos: Hoang Anh