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11/08/2021 - 10:59

Nearly 150 students volunteer for pandemic prevention and control

On the morning of August 10, Hue University informed that 147 students from Hue University’s training units signed up to volunteer to support the work of COVID-19 pandemic prevention and control and the training process for the volunteer students will be started from August 10.

Volunteer students are divided into small groups to practice training contents

Before coming to the places of supporting pandemic prevention and control, volunteer students are received online training in both theory and practice on the contents related to pandemic prevention and control in 2 days from August 10 to 11.

The students will be trained by experts from the University of Medicine and Pharmacy on the following topics: Overview of COVID-19 pandemic; directions for the use of personal protective equipment. Classification, collection, transportation of waste and environmental sanitation; hand hygiene; as well as hands-on experiences, etc., are also instructed.

According to the representative of Hue University, after the training process, students will be appointed to the pandemic prevention and control checkpoints and quarantine areas as arranged by the Department of Health and appropriate authorities. Besides the above 147 students, Hue University and other units still leave the students to register with the work of volunteering to support the mission of pandemic prevention and control.

By H. Phuc