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28/03/2019 - 08:20

Wild flamboyant flowers in town 

In the past two weeks, the walking street on Vong Canh hill attracts many tourists coming to “check-in”. Many youngsters also take photos to save the moments with their friends and families with the background as beautiful as a fairyland.

In this season, wild flamboyant flowers are showing off its beauty in red in the sunshine. Not only are wild flamboyant flowers planted in the parks along the Huong riversides, but they are also planted by some households at their homes in order to adorn their living space.

The photographers also take advantage of these moments to create beautiful works about this kind of flower when it is blooming in town.

Let contemplate the beauty of wild flamboyant flowers together with Thua Thien Hue Online through a series of photos taken by two photographers: Thanh Toan and Nguyen Truc

The scene is tinted with “student flowers” like what was described in the work of Nguyen Nhat Anh

A poetic street with pine colonnades is beautified with the red color of wild flamboyant flowers

A group of youngsters from Da Nang came all the way to Vong Canh hill to “check in”

A couple catches the memories with the background of wild flamboyant flowers

Like in the fairyland

The outstanding red color in the city

Contributing to creating a poetic feature

Playing the guitar in summer sunshine

Wild flamboyant flowers provide both flowers and shade, creating the poetic scenery for the parks by the Huong riversides

By Thanh Toan – Nguyen Truc