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08/02/2021 - 11:01

Youngsters loving photography

Among the choices between hobbies and tastes, a great number of young people choose photography. Do not keep it for themselves, they share that joy to many others, creating a passion flow for this lively and energetic art subject in the land of Hue.

“Working” passionately

The young photographers

It is not too hard to bump into the young photographers doing their business at studios in Hue, besides the freelance photographers. Most of them are in the 8X and 9X generations. When technology is becoming more and more familiar with daily life, buying tools to support the passion of photography is not something too difficult. Therefore, many young people have accessed this subject quite early.

The Group of Hue Photography and Modelling was established by Phan Van Tuan 4 years ago. The guy with a passion for photography shared that: “That was the time that I had finished my study and moved out striving to make a living with photography. During that time, I received the enthusiastic support of the forebears, some people also lent me their cameras when mine was malfunctioned or damaged. Therefore, I desired to contribute a little effort to return those favors”

Being different from the cameras and statures but being the same in passion  

Being animated with offline meetings

With the motto of being the place to share works, photography experiences, introducing photographers to models, and vice versa, the Group of Hue Photography and Modeling has been welcomed by many young people. So far, this Facebook page has attracted more than 3.9 thousand members (this number is increasing continuously) with many exciting activities.

“The most practical thing is that we organized some offline meetings and the sessions to look for models to both take photos and share experiences. These offline sessions were the opportunities to gain more experiences and to connect colleagueship at the same time,” cheerfully said Tuan.

Son Tho Lake, An Dinh Palace, the Imperial Citadel, as well as the two sides of the Huong River, Hue beautiful landscapes… are the places often chosen by members in love with photography. The time for each photo session usually lasts from 2 to 3 hours. Although it is not too long, it is enough for many members to learn valuable experiences.

Nguyen Thanh Cuong, a young man born in 1995 shared: “Although the group only met twice, we already had two offline sessions. This is truly an exciting playground that attracts not only me but many other people”.

An offline meeting

As an alumnus of industrial management, Thanh Cuong spent a lot of time on putting money aside to buy an old camera for his work. Choosing to learn by himself, a 9x guy has to put a lot of effort to complete his skills.

“The sessions for sharing, meeting, and working together can be seemed like an ideal environment for me and other people to exchange and learn from each other. Moreover, I can find the suitable photo models to implement new ideas,”, said Thanh Cuong.

Not only at the offline sessions, photography experiences are also shared through the photo works of photographers. On these days, the group is filled with the red color of Christmas costumes, along with the photos of Ao Dai and traditional costumes. Therefore, the Facebook page becomes the lecture hall, the comments and the images turn into the lesson plans, providing much useful knowledge for members.

The group also organized online contests to vote for beautiful photos as well as to share and enjoy beautiful pictures and specifications. Nurturing many upcoming plans, Phan Van Tuan says that if the weather is getting better, the group will continue to hold the sessions to take photos according to the New Year’s ideas and themes.

"We are always willing to welcome new members, who love and want to burn their hearts out in the fire of photography," said a 9X man.

Story: Mai Hue

Photos: Provided by the Interviewer