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4 projects and initiatives on plastic waste reduction are sponsored

TTH.VN - On May 28, World Wide Fund for Nature in Vietnam (WWF-Vietnam) coordinated with Thua Thien Hue Startup and Innovation Center held a final round of the contest “Hue plastic waste reduction initiatives 2023”.

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The jury is assessing the projects, initiatives, as well as the products participating in the final round

This contest is a part of the project “Hue – A City to Reduce Plastic in Central Vietnam”, which is held with an aim to seek creative ideas to solve the problem of plastic waste in Hue City and promote Hue as a plastic waste reduction heritage destination.

The contest “Hue plastic waste reduction initiatives 2023” was launched on February 23, 2023 with the participants being individuals/organizations all over Vietnam with the age over 16. After over a month from the registration day, the contest has received 68 registered initiatives from the candidates all over the country. The initiatives are diversified in contents and topics, clearly expressing the creativeness and aspiration to contribute to the work of plastic reduction.

After 3 months of competing with 3 rounds, 9 individuals/teams were selected to be into the final round.

The most excellent projects, providing the most appropriate criteria to the project’s goals and the orientation on plastic reduction of Hue City, reach the maximum sponsoring to implement the projects of up to 500 million VND per project.

According to the contest’s results, 4 projects and initiatives received the sponsoring includes: Research and Application of high technology in dealing with Vietnam environmental problems, contributing to the goal of sustainable development (DONASO); The Trip of Straw; KODO Hue HUB - The Complex of Culture - Education – Arts; and MGreen Solution System.

Furthermore, the organizing committee also selected 3 projects and initiatives for more sponsor, including the Production of biodegradation of membranes from natural materials; Green Instant Noodle; Talking Trask Bin.

One of the products of the prized and sponsored initiatives on plastic waste reduction

The contest “Hue plastic waste reduction initiatives 2023” is designed to provide opportunities for individuals, organization, and startup businesses all over the country to show their talents, creativeness, as well as their responsibility of green citizens in the era of digital technology, which is converting strongly, and contributing to the effort of reducing plastic waste in Hue City, as well as continuing to promote the tiles such as “ASEAN Environmentally Sustainable Cities”; “National Green Cities”, and “Heritage, Cultural, Ecological, Landscape, and environmentally friendly” Hue Urban.

The project Hue – A City to Reduce Plastic in Central Vietnam, is trying their best to carry out many activities to strive for the goal that till the end of 2024, Hue City will reduce 30% plastic waste released into the environment.

By Hoai Thuong
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