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Market during Lunar New Year 2024 stabilized

TTH.VN - Alongside the whole country, this is when businesses, production facilities, supermarket systems, and markets... in the province are actively preparing goods to meet the shopping needs of the people at year end and the Lunar New Year of Dragon 2024.

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 Goods in abundance at Hue  Co.opmart. Photo: MC

No shortage of goods allowed

Currently, at some markets in Hue City like Dong Ba, An Cuu, and Tay Loc..., the quantities of goods for Tet (Lunar New Year) are huge and diverse. The most common items are jams, confectionery, melon seeds, foodstuff, bottled drinks... Prices of fresh products and essential goods for Tet remain stable, not rising or only slightly rising for a few items.

Deputy Head of Dong Ba Market Management Board Le Thi Kim Chi said that the market is currently urgently decorating the market gate and renovating facilities to create a cheerful shopping atmosphere for visitors. Small businesses have prepared diverse and abundant Tet items such as dry food, necessities, fashionable clothes, candy...

Goods at the supermarkets in the province are also diverse and plentiful. Many supermarkets launch promotional programs to stimulate demand such as discounts, free delivery, gift vouchers, and customer companionship...

According to Ms. Duong Thi Tuat, Director of Hue Co.opmart, currently the purchasing power is not high, but as predicted, the number of shoppers will rise sharply in the days approaching Tet. During Tet 2024, supermarkets have stockpiled goods, rising from 30% to 50% year on year.

In order to prevent goods shortages and supply interruptions, causing a leap in price, the Provincial People's Committee issued Plan No. 21/KH-SCT dated January 17, 2024, on implementing solutions to ensure supply and demand balance, and market stability on this occasion.

According to the plan, the goods at Go Hue Supermarket are expected to total 120 billion VND; Co.opMart 50 billion VND; Thai Dong Anh Trading Company Limited 41 billion VND; goods supplied at Dong Ba Market are about 18 billion VND. Particularly at the Phu Hau wholesale market, the plan is to stockpile goods of about 3.2 billion VND per day, including vegetables, tubers, and fruits daily imported into the market for distribution in the city and neighboring districts in response to the needs of the people during the Lunar New Year 2024 with main supplies from the provinces: Bac Ninh, Hai Duong, Quang Tri, Vinh, Da Lat, Gia Lai...

 Plentiful and diverse goods at supermarkets

Market developments closely monitored

According to the survey of markets and supermarkets, the market situation in 2023 and the first days of 2024 in the province is relatively stable, the supply of food and foodstuff is ensured to satify the needs of the people. Despite a slight rise in the prices of some items serving essential needs due to price fluctuations in the market during Tet such as meat of livestock and poultry, fish, poultry eggs, vegetables of all kinds…, there are no phenomena of price fever, speculation, and hoarding of goods.

Vice Chairman of the Provincial People's Committee Phan Quy Phuong said that in order to strengthen management, administration, and market price stability during the Lunar New Year of Dragon in 2024, the Provincial People's Committee has assigned the Department of Industry and Trade to preside over and coordinate with relevant units to implement 6 key content groups: monitoring market situation developments and commodity prices; promoting the production, business and product consumption activities; enhancing trade promotion activities; promoting activities to implement the Campaign "Vietnamese people give priority to using Vietnamese goods"…

According to the Department of Industry and Trade, the Department has currently coordinated with local People's Committees to grasp and monitor the situation of goods and daily prices and make the market forecast; direct and coordinate with businesses, business establishments, and management boards of markets in the province to increase stockpile, ensure the supply of essential goods and high-demand goods during the Lunar New Year; request businesses and business establishments to commit themselves to stabilizing prices of essential goods such as rice, fresh foodstuff, agricultural products, cakes, jams, candy, pork, gasoline...

“The actual monitoring and inspection show that the businesses and establishments trading in essential goods for Tet prepare their goods quite well. The products are abundant and diverse in types, designs, models, quantities..., ensuring that the needs of the people are met," the Department of Industry and Trade representative added.

Story and photos: HAN DANG
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Opportunity for market expansion and connection

Identifying the enhancement of commercial promotion activities as a crucial factor contributing to improving the efficiency of production and business operations for enterprises, serving as a bridge to promote collaboration opportunities among enterprises, distributors, and consumers, Hue City has implemented various solutions to promote commercial promotion activities within its jurisdiction.

Opportunity for market expansion and connection
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