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Beholding “Hue in Spring”

TTH.VN - Visitors to the gallery “Hue in Spring” can enjoy the familiar scenes of Hue nature and people in spring at special moments from a sweet poetic angle.

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“Welcoming spring sunlight” – an art work by Le Nhat Quang

Spring colors

“Hue in Spring” was the theme of the gallery held by Thua Thien Hue Association of Photography on the 69th anniversary of Vietnam Photography Day (March 15, 1953 – March 15, 2022). The gallery, which took place at No.1 Phan Boi Chau Street during the period of March 15 – 20, showed 50 works by 28 members of Thua Thien Hue Association of Photography to the public.

The photographs manifest colors and scenes of spring via the beauty of scenery and people of the ancient capital during Tet, the vibrant atmosphere at the new year, the traditional customs of Tet, the spring festivals and the gracefulness of traditional ao-dai.

“Village of Flowers” by Nguyen Thi Thanh Nha

From the photographical angle, culture and festival activities such as Ban Soc ceremony, Neu pole (a symbolic bamboo tree) erecting ceremony and boat racing, and Tet specialties such as Banh tet from Chuon village, sugar-crystalized ginger of Hue, Thanh Tien paper flowers, as well as the scene of Tien Non flower village and the walks by the Huong River have been captured vividly and sharply. This provides a poetic spring picture that honors the traditional cultural values of Hue,” said Mr. Dang Van Tran, Chairman of Thua Thien Hue Association of Photography.

Spring is the season of blooming that beautifies the atmosphere and brings the excitement to welcome a new year. This is also an attractive theme to photographers who want to capture the beauty and colors of flowers. The photographs “Village of Flowers” by Nguyen Thi Thanh Nha, “Spring flowers” by Truong Vung and “Welcoming spring sunlight” by Le Nhat Quang,… reflect lively and poetic colors of flowers.

“Welcoming Spring” by Van Dinh Huy

Spring is also the season of love and union. In the photograph “Season of Love” by Ho Ngoc Son, happiness can be felt through the intimacy of a grasshopper couple on a branch in the quietness of the green forest.

Simplicity can be felt through Van Dinh Huy’s photo “Welcoming Spring”. The photo simply reflects an ordinary life activity of people shipping Thanh Tien paper flowers to city center by boat but it evokes the image of a close and familiar village.

Taking photographs in spring

To artists, spring is for art as it is a source of inspiration for creativity. This is a chance for “photo hunters” seeking the best shots of nature and ordinary life.

A patch of sunshine, a flower bud or an innocent smile,… really touches the artist’s creative desire. Colorful flower fields, culture-rich traditional festivals and graceful ao-dai give photographers a good chance to reflect a lively and poetic spring in the land of heritage.

“Singing for Spring” by Nguyen Huu Dinh

Apart from scenery, spring is also the time for artists to explore the ethnic cultural uniqueness. “Singing for Spring” by Nguyen Huu Dinh depicts the spring festival activities of the people in A Luoi district. People of ethnic groups Pa Co and Co Tu often sing and dance around a fire after the harvest time as a way of giving thanks to heaven and earth for wealthy and healthy life.

Many photographers are interested in hunting for natural shots of majestic forests. In the mild weather and with picturesque beauty, they take pictures of the forest, capturing the animals at their most vibrant states, to tell visual stories of the wildlife.

Photographer Ho Ngoc Son revealed that he had to go to Do Quyen Fall in Bach Ma National Park and spent hours rolling or crawling on the ground to capture the moment of love of the grasshoppers in “Season of Love”. It was the only and most satisfied work during the trip.

Some other photographers said that they loved to take photos in spring because it is the time of human sentiments and natural harmony. It is fun to hang out around and take photos during Tet.

Photographer Nguyen Huu Dinh said: “Spring has brought to artists much creative inspiration because it has many good subjects to take pictures of. Not only flowers and butterflies, but also ordinary life have become lively via spring energy and people’s happiness in each photo. This is an opportunity for photographers to capture beautiful moment of life and promote the culture and beauty of Hue”.

By Trang Hien

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