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Building a database on Tuồng Hue art

TTH.VN - Hue Traditional Royal Theater of Art is preparing a dossier and other procedures to report on the provincial-level research study titled "Building a database on Tuồng Hue art".

Performing Tuồng on the street for the first timeMany artists won prizes at the National Tuong and Folk Opera Festival


Recently, Hue Traditional Royal Theater of Art has been consistently collecting data and researching to carry out a provincial-level research study titled "Building a database of Tuồng Hue art," focusing specifically on the mission to upgrade the database management software of Hue royal court music for the management and exploitation of the Tuồng Hue art database and to provide training on how to operate and exploit them in a systematic way. This is hoped to help with a long-term and smart preservation for this heritage art form of the ancient capital.

To build a database of Tuồng Hue, the research team exploited all aspects and elements constituting this art form; including choreography, masks, costumes, scripts, music, tunes, as well as a collection of all images, videos, and recordings.

All of these elements are added to a database where researchers and people interested in Tuồng art can watch and understand it in depth.

Currently, building a database for this art form is of urgent importance to systematically store all available sources, and at the same time collect additional materials that remain with the local people.

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