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Night market “Thanh Toan tiled-roof bridge” officially to be held weekly

TTH.VN - This information was announced by Mrs. Ngo Thi Ai Huong, Deputy Chairman of the People’s Committee of Huong Thuy town on the afternoon of March 11.

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Foot court at the night market held on the night of March 10 to 12 

On the basis of the success of the previous sessions of “Cho que ngay hoi” (Countryside Market in the Festival) in response to Hue Festival and night markets before, the People’s Committee of Huong Thuy town, Thuy Thanh commune decided to hold the night market “Thanh Toan tiled-roof bridge” weekly at Thanh Toan tiled-roof bridge, a community tourism destination, three days per week, including Friday, Saturday, and Sunday.

“With local potentials and advantages, as well as tourists’ interest through the strengths of monuments, the attraction of space, specialties, and experiences, etc., from now on, the night market will be held weekly, except bad-weather days. To create the attractiveness and help locals and tourists get the novel experiences, the entertainment and food activities, etc., at each session of the night market will be changed and supplemented regularly,” said Mrs. Ngo Thi Ai Huong.

In the framework of the night market this time (from March 10 to 12), locals and visitors can join and experience various interesting activities such as purchasing agricultural products, specialties, OCOP products; enjoying countryside food; wrapping and cooking chung cakes, tet cakes; making conical hats, grinding rice, pounding rice, etc., and participating in cultural and art games including Cheraw dance, camp fire, singing for each other, tug of war, blinding and hitting the hanging clay pots, floating flower lanterns, etc.

By Han Dang
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