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Official poster of Hue Festival 2022 released

TTH.VN - On the morning of April 14, the Organizing Committee of Hue Festival 2022 officially announced the poster of Hue Festival 2022.

Hue Festival 2022 to be postponed until late JunePreserving the international brand name of Hue Festival

The official poster of Hue Festival 2022. Photo: The Organizing Committee

The poster has the main image of four types of flowers and tree, including yellow apricot (Ochna Integerrima), lotus, chrysanthemum, and conifers. In which, the yellow apricot flowers represent the spring; the lotus flowers, the summer; the Chrysanthemums flowers, the autumn; and the conifer, the winter.

For the concept of Eastern people, these "foursome" are the representation of the completeness, stability, eternity, and happiness... Especially, the image of four doors in the poster, with four different colors, represents the opening of the four seasons of the year. It welcomes visitors to explore the unique cultural features of all four seasons in Hue. The image of the four types of flowers in the "four seasons" also indicates that the festivals are being held throughout four seasons of the year.

The announcement of the poster aims to convey basic information about Hue Festival 2022 to the public, making the promotion of the festival more convenient and effective.

Hue Festival 2022, with the theme of "Cultural Heritage with Integration and Development", will bring together unique art troupes and artists with high artistic quality from Hue, Vietnam and across the world. The Festival will take place from June 25-30.

By Duc Quang

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White lotus flowers in early summer

In the lakes around Hue Imperial Citadel and all over the periphery of Hue City, white lotus flowers have begun to bloom, bringing the pure and brilliant beauty.

White lotus flowers in early summer
Plum blossoms in A Luoi Highland

Coming to A Luoi this season, you still get the chance to contemplate plum blossoms and pick the fruits from the plum trees grown in the gardens of A Luoi local people. Besides the peach blossoms, at present, the locality is encouraging and mobilizing people to grow plum blossoms in some areas to serve tourism.

Plum blossoms in A Luoi Highland
Spring Festival 2023 opened

On the afternoon of January 15, at Ly Tu Trong Park, Hue City People's Committee held an opening ceremony of the Spring Festival 2023.

Spring Festival 2023 opened
"December" of lunar year is coming…

Finally, December - the last month of a lunar year, is coming. Tet holiday is so near. Amidst the wet rains, the beautiful colors of the flowers and fruits for worship seem to make the winter days less cold and warmer in the busy last days of the year.

December of lunar year is coming…
Countdown - Happy New Year 2023 to take place at intersection of Hung Vuong Street

According to the information from Hue City People's Committee, the art program ‘Countdown - Happy New Year 2023’, organized by Hue City People's Committee and implemented by Ultra Larita Co., Ltd., with the sponsorship of Carlsberg Vietnam Co., Ltd., will take place from 19:00 on December 31, 2022 to 00:20 on January 1, 2023 at the intersection of Hung Vuong Street, Hue city.

Countdown - Happy New Year 2023 to take place at intersection of Hung Vuong Street
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