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The mandarin’s hat in the Nguyen Dynasty to be displayed to the public

TTH.VN - According to Hue Monuments Conservation Center, two antiques, which are a mandarin’s hat and a Nhat Binh ao dai in the Nguyen Dynasty, were brought back to Hue on April 9. These antiques are being preserved at Hue Museum of Royal Antiquities.

Two antiques sold at auction are donated to Hue by a businessStory of Hue through antique pottery told

Hue Monuments Conservation Center received the antiquities, which were donated to Thua Thien Hue by Sunshine Group Joint Stock Company. Photo: Giang Tran

Mr. Hoang Viet Trung, Director of Hue Monuments Conservation Center, said that Sunshine Group Joint Stock Company had brought these two antiques from Spain to Hanoi by air. After that, this company brought the antiques to Hue on a Hanoi - Hue flight on April 9.

Hue Monuments Conservation Center held a solemn welcome ceremony to receive the two antiques when being brought back to Hue. The Provincial Department of Culture and Sports also established a council of researchers, and antique collectors, etc., to re-evaluate the quality of these two antiques.

According to Mr. Trung, the council determined that these two antiquities belonged to the Nguyen Dynasty, including the mandarin’s hat of the First senior rank and the Nhat Binh ao dai.

Currently, these two antiques have been brought to Hue Museum of Royal Antiquities and put into its storage space with the witness of relevant authorities.

It is expected that on April 17, the province will hold a ceremony to receive these antiques, which will then be displayed to the public.

As reported, Sunshine Group Joint Stock Company had successfully auctioned the two precious Nguyen Dynasty antiques, including the mandarin’s hat and the Nhat Binh ao dai.

These two antiques had been offered to auction by Balclis Auction House in Spain at the end of October 2021. As a result, the Nguyen Dynasty mandarin’s hat was sold for 600,000 euro (nearly 16 billion VND), and the Nguyen Dynasty Nhat Binh ao dai was sold for 160,000 euro (more than 4 billion VND), excluding fees and taxes as prescribed.

By Minh Hien

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Provincial leaders meet with “The Last Empress” film crew

On the afternoon of May 7th, Mr. Nguyen Thanh Binh - Member of the Standing Committee of the provincial Party Committee and Vice Chairman of the provincial Party Committee, held a working session with Mar6 Studios Co., Ltd. regarding the film project about Empress Nam Phuong. Representatives from relevant departments and agencies also attended the meeting.

Provincial leaders meet with “The Last Empress” film crew
The “Emperor’s Treasure” golden seal

The following are some photos taken by Nguyen Phuc Bao Minh, a photographer, during a visit to the Nam Hong Royal Museum (Tu Son, Bac Ninh), with a working group of Hue Monuments Conservation Center, where the “Emperor’s Treasure” golden seal is displayed by Mr. Nguyen The Hong, a businessman.

The “Emperor’s Treasure” golden seal
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