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From Heart to heart

TTH.VN - From heart to heart is the most sustainable "way" for the orphans in especially difficult circumstances on the two border lines, who are nurtured and/or whose “paths to school are lifted” by the Border Guard Force, to feel the love, thereby making efforts and striving for improvement in all aspects of life.

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The online conference honoring outstanding pupils and students in the program "Paving the way to School – Adopted children of Border Guard Station” in the period 2016-2021 took place at 8:00 am. The atmosphere in the hall of the Provincial Border Guard Command - Thua Thien Hue bridge point, however, was stirred with the joyful smiles mixed with excitement of the children adopted and raised by the Border Guards and the warm eyes of their “foster” fathers quite early on.

Children with outstanding achievements being praised

The compensation for the father's love

It felt so close and intimate when Colonel Nguyen Xuan Hoa, Commander of the Provincial Border Guard Command, sought Cao Thi Anh Thi (Lang Co Town, Phu Loc District) – a student “fostered” by the Colonel since April 2016 – to ask her about the essential things while holding her little hand, right before taking the chair of the bridge point.

Pupils at the two border lines whose parents have passed away or been sick and disabled live in especially difficult circumstances. Some of them are raised by border guards in the area whereas others are fostered by individuals or by one unit of the Provincial Border Guard Command. Typical examples include Ho Minh Quang in A Luoi fostered by Colonel Le Van Nguyen, Political Commissar, Nguyen Thi My Linh in Phu Loc fostered by Senior Lieutenant-Colonel Hoang Minh Hung, Deputy Commander in Chief, Phan Thi Nga in Phu Loc fostered by Colonel Pham Tung Lam, Deputy Political Commissar.

Due to geographical distance and busy schedule, it is difficult for the foster fathers to meet their children regularly. Instead, they can only send their kids monthly allowance, make encouraging calls, or ask their teammates working in the area about how their offspring are studying and training. This occasion, therefore, is an emotional meeting.

According to Colonel Nguyen Xuan Hoa, he was working as the Deputy Commander, Chief of Staff of the Provincial Border Guard Command when he fostered his daughter. Despite his busy work, he was aware that bearing the responsibility of “raising” a disadvantaged student as compared to her peers meant not only providing financial support, but also making the kid feel his warm affection and encourage her to confidently strive to study and rise.

Therefore, he always tries to make arrangements for a direct visit to his foster child’s home or her school to grasp her academic status every time he goes on a business trip to Phu Loc District. Understanding that every child wants their parents to be around in important childhood events, Colonel Nguyen Xuan Hoa arranged to be present at the opening ceremony of the 2017-2018 school year. The picture taken with Thi on this meaningful occasion, which Colonel Nguyen Xuan Hoa always put on the table in his office, is a warm image of a cherished kinship.

Colonel Nguyen Xuan Hoa, Colonel Pham Tung Lam, Colonel Dang Ngoc Hieu, Senior Lieutenant-Colonel Tran Van Tuyen and many border guards gathered with children during a cozy family lunch at the unit. Picking up a piece of fried egg or braised fish and giving it to their children – a simple and natural act of parents – makes the orphans deeply touched by such caring and considerate gestures.

"Whatever you need, you can share with us so that we can help,” is a simple admonition before the children get in the car to return home. Ho Minh Quang, an 11th grader from Ta Oi ethnic group without his father, got choked up with emotions for many times because his efforts and achievements in study made the border guards feel proud as if he were their own child.

Mentoring and guiding the children to study

Responsibility and love

At the commendation ceremony, the smile of Le Van Thin, a 13-year-old 7th grader from Pa Co ethnic group adopted by A Dot Border Guard Station, beamed with confidence. There is no longer a "trace" of timidity or an act of “cringing” from the boy who was brought to the unit for nurturing 3 years ago. Only those having witnessed border guards at A Dot Station taking Thin to and from school on rainy and windy days, illuminating his study corner, patiently shaping his handwriting, instructing him on how to make calculations and gently teaching him how to interact with each other, etc., can understand how much enthusiasm, responsibility and love of the border guards reserved for a student in especially difficult circumstances in a remote border land to grow up and become mature.

Lieutenant Pham Thai Son (currently the Captain of the Mass Mobilization Team of Hong Van Border Guard Station, formerly the Vice-Captain of the Mass Mobilization Team of A Dot Border Guard Station) recalls the day he graduated from the Border Academy and took on his tasks at A Dot Station. At that time, he was responsible for tutoring and caring for Thin, in addition to his professional duties assigned by the unit commander.

"I can't help but worry because I'm too young and inexperienced. However, my thoughts flashed back to my own situation in which a 3rd grader had to live without his mother when I saw the small boy, and in my heart aroused the sympathy and love for Thin. Having received love from many people I understand that from-heart-to-heart is the most sustainable "path" for Thin in particular, and the orphans as well as the disadvantaged children on the two border lines in general, who are nurtured and whose “paths to school are lifted” by the Border Guards, to feel the love, thereby striving to rise in all aspects of life,” confided Lieutenant Pham Thai Son.

An encouraging and trusting handshake

Therefore, not only speak to and instruct him on his study, I also take him along when I work in the fields, go to the volleyball court, donate rice, or help the lonely and disadvantaged households under the policy in the area, etc., so that Thin can have many opportunities to work with, and especially, know how to open up and give love to others, besides studying.

Lieutenant Son and guards at A Dot Border Guard Station were very happy when Thin made progress more and more in studying and training, gaining the title of advanced student and being trusted to be elected as the class monitor.

“There were days when we were so busy with our work that we did not return to our bedrooms until late. It was really touching to see that Thin had already hung up the mosquito nets for us. This shows that he has already grown up. Not only is he independent, but he also knows how to show love and care for others, in just the same way we give him," said Lieutenant Son.

In addition to love and responsibility for the children, the Border Guard Force also attaches great importance to close coordination with schools and families for exchanging information so that they can work together and find ways to help the children overcome their weaknesses, promote their strengths, and strive to become useful.

9 out of 75 outstanding children attending the commendation conference are "raised" by the Border Guards. According to the Commander of the Provincial Border Guard Command - Colonel Nguyen Xuan Hoa, however, there are still many children who have made efforts and achieved good results in studying and training, being healthy "green sprouts" in the border land. Continuing to incubate and cultivate such green sprouts is how the Border Guard Force well perform the task of building and consolidating the borders.

Story & photos: Quynh Anh

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