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Ecotourism development: "Waking up streams and waterfalls”

TTH.VN - With its own strengths and unique characteristics, Thua Thien Hue has built and developed ecotourism products at streams and waterfalls, being predicted to create a breakthrough in ecotourism.

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 A stream in Binh Dien (Huong Tra). Photo by Nguyen Phong

Possessing great potentials

Arriving at the upstream eco-tourism site named O Lau (Phong Dien district), many tourists get amazed by the fact that only more than 50km from Hue city to the northwest, there is such an ideal tourist destination like this. The upstream of O Lau has many streams and waterfalls that still retain the wild character, which is suitable for guests to explore the forests, go camping, and have a weekend vacation.

It is clear that Hue has strengths in heritage tourism, spiritual cultural tourism, sea tourism, etc. However, when considering prominent types of tourism in the ancient capital, many people immediately think of ecology tourism associated with streams and waterfalls. Throughout the districts and towns of Thua Thien Hue, from lowlands to highlands, it is easy to see that the potential for ecotourism associated with streams and waterfalls is considerable. In the summer, many streams and waterfalls become vibrant tourist destinations.

 Visitors enjoying streams and waterfalls in Phu Loc district

In recent years, tourism at streams and waterfalls in Thua Thien Hue has been invested in both infrastructure and tourism services. Mr. Hoang Thanh Duy, Director of A Norr Community Eco-Tourism Cooperative (Hong Kim commune, A Luoi district) shared, “In addition to developing accommodation services at homestays, we also connect with businesses to organize large groups of tourists. Based on the characteristics of the mountainous region, tourism workers in A Nor apply and deploy services for guests, helping visitors have a unique experience. Particularly, visitors can experience “tooth steaming" at the waterfall, with hot steam coming from cooked plants picked at the waterfall forest; or, washing hair by the stream with the water boiled with herbs picked from the forest. Guests are very excited."

According to representatives of travel agencies, in the summer, many tourists choose to explore and experience eco-tourism sites associated with streams and waterfalls.

Mr. Nguyen Ngoc An, Director of Hue Connecting Tourism Co., Ltd. Said that, as example, A Luoi stream and waterfall was very attractive to groups of tourists. In addition to bathing in streams, the variety of experiences in services associated with streams and waterfalls, such as: experiencing making Aquat cakes or pounding rice, drying rice; enjoying traditional cuisine, organizing campfires, and cultural exchanges ... are favored by tourists, so businesses put them into operation during the tour.

Focusing on development

Mr. Nguyen Van Phuc, Director of the Department of Tourism, said that streams and waterfalls are the strength of Hue tourism since these products are determined to complement the cultural heritage product line. The Department of Tourism is implementing a project to develop stream and waterfall tourism in the province. By this, we could create tourist attractions managed by locals or cooperatives that will increasingly improve their services and be professional in serving. Other tourist attractions invested in by enterprises must be of high scale and quality.

The Provincial People's Committee has just issued a plan (No. 250/KH-UBND dated July 10, 2023) to implement the project "Orientation for development of eco-tourism sites associated with streams and waterfalls in Thua Thien Hue Province"

According to a representative of the Provincial People's Committee, this project clearly defines specific goals, which is to build a number of highlight models of eco-tourism associated with streams and waterfalls. Besides, the province has planned, and invested in developing tourism products based on outstanding and attractive strengths of tourism resources. It is also essential to focus on prioritizing the development of ecotourism products; to gradually form a system of national tourist zones and spots; regions and tourist attractions of regions and localities.

Furthermore, the province will give priority to the development of eco-tourism products associated with biodiversity discovery, agricultural and rural eco-tourism, craft village tourism development, and community tourism combined with homestay accommodation. By this, we could maximize the participation of local authorities, people, and communities; managed by the residential community, exploited, benefited, and supported by the expertise of the consulting units.


According to Mr. Nguyen van Phuc, Director of the Department of Tourism, the key task in the orientation of developing eco-tourism sites associated with streams and waterfalls in the province is to invest in infrastructure to develop tourist attractions of streams and waterfalls as well as wastewater treatment systems at streams and waterfalls eco-tourist sites. Besides, we also allocated to upgrading tourist car parks and marinas, supporting the development of tourism products, in which, 4 models of eco-tourism are being built and associated with community-based tourism in localities (Kazan waterfall - Nam Dong district, Khe Su stream - Phu Loc district, eco-tourism upstream O Lau - Phong Dien district, Par Le stream - A Luoi district).

In the current context, when the "competitiveness" of tourism in localities is relatively tense, in addition to the attention to infrastructure investment, eco-tourism sites also need to improve tourism products and services, add proper services, invest in a system of games at tourist attractions, such as sup rowing, kayaking, rope games, etc.

The issue of professionalization in tourism also needs special attention. In the coming time, there will be many training courses on professional skills, handling situations in the work of rescuing and preventing from drowning; fostering knowledge about community-based tourism, improving foreign language skills, operating management, and serving tourists will be further opened, contributing to the development of eco-tourism associated with streams and waterfalls; building tourism worthy of the spearhead economic sector of the province.

Story: Huu Phuc - Photos: Bach Ma Village
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