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Awakening the potential of streams and waterfalls to develop eco-tourism

TTH.VN - Developing eco-tourism sites associated with streams and waterfalls is one of the directions that Nam Dong district has been focusing on and will continue to exploit.

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 Visitors experiencing having fun at YesHue Eco eco-tourism area (Mo waterfall)

Lots of potential

It takes just over 1 hour from Hue city to Kazan waterfall (Thuong Lo commune). The waterfall appeared with its wild and majestic beauty, promising to be a tourist destination that makes even the most demanding tourists satisfied. Although there is a lot of potential to develop eco-tourism, in fact, tourism at Kazan waterfall has not attracted many visitors in recent years.

Ms. Hoang Hanh Nguyen, a tourist from Hue city, who used to come here to experience, shared that Kazan waterfall is quite wild, so it is easy to attract people who love to explore nature. However, the service infrastructure is still quite lacking.

According to Ms. A Lang Be, Director of Doi Village Community Tourism Cooperative, Kazan waterfall has welcomed many domestic and foreign tourists to visit and survey; that can confirm the great value and beauty that nature bestows. However, the resources of the locality and people are beyond their ability to invest in building a worthy eco-tourism site, so Kazan community tourism services such as food, accommodation, entertainment, etc., is still not diverse.

By the end of July, the Provincial People's Committee issued Plan No. 250/KH-UBND on July 10, 2023, to implement the Project "Orientation for the development of eco-tourism sites associated with streams and waterfalls in Hue province". Kazan Waterfall is one of the places where investment is focused to develop eco-tourism.

Accordingly, Kazan waterfall is currently being invested by the Investment and Construction Project Management Board of Nam Dong district to build infrastructure works for community tourist attractions, including a Pedestrian route connecting the end point of the main road with the foot of Kazan waterfall, and the construction of parking lots and public toilets, etc. It is expected that the work will be completed in 2024 and handed over to Doi Village Community Tourism Cooperative for management and exploitation.

Nam Dong district also has many waterfalls and streams with potential for ecotourism exploitation; in which, Mo waterfall is currently being exploited and managed by YesHue Eco eco-tourism area and has basically synchronized infrastructure, technical facilities, guaranteed services and products for stream and waterfall tourism. In addition, Truot (Sliding) Waterfall is also included in the "Nam Dong District Tourism Development Project for the period 2017 - 2020 with a vision to 2030" and is calling for investment; however, currently due to some difficulties, it has not been put into operation.

 Visitors making their own grilled dishes at Mo Waterfall (Nam Dong). Photo: MC

 Utilizing the strengths

According to information from the Culture and Information Department of Nam Dong district, the development of eco-tourism associated with streams and waterfalls in the district has encountered some difficulties, such as most of the locations are located in and remote areas, and, it is not easy to get there; there are not many support services like accommodation, shopping, etc.

Over the past time, the authorities of Nam Dong district have made many positive moves to develop eco-tourism associated with streams and waterfalls, such as strengthening propaganda activities and raising awareness among the local tourist attractions on the characteristics of the tourism industry, and the benefits from tourism activities; propagandizing and guiding on environmental protection and nature conservation at streams, waterfalls, neighboring areas, etc.

At the same time, the district also organizes training and fostering tourism development knowledge, customer care communication skills; open short-term training courses, focusing on on-spot training human resources. In addition, the District People's Committee also has programs and solutions to attract and call investors in projects to develop eco-tourism associated with streams and waterfalls.

A representative of Nam Dong District People's Committee said that in the coming time, to be able to exploit the potential of streams and waterfalls and develop eco-tourism in the district, there should be stronger "pushs". Accordingly, the District People's Committee will direct branches and localities to gradually improve the transport network to access and connect eco-tourism sites, contributing to strengthening transport infrastructure for tourism; bringing into play the potentials and advantages to promote tourism development in particular and the local socio-economic in general.

With the characteristics of the location and topography of streams and waterfalls, community-based eco-tourism, backpacking, trekking, camping - teambuilding tourism will be one of the potential directions to attract tourists. In addition, the promotion and professionalization of services also need to be focused, step by step build tourism promotion messages, choose information channels and update regularly to connect with tourism.

According to the leader of Nam Dong district, the most difficult thing is still the investment capital. In the immediate future, Nam Dong district has taken advantage of the central, provincial and local capital sources to effectively invest in infrastructure to develop tourism and services. In the long term, it will strengthen measures to stimulate investment demand, promote socialization of investment in the field of services and tourism.
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