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Performing arts and traditional costumes of ethnic peoples of Vietnam - Laos

TTH.VN - On the evening of May 18, the festival of public arts and traditional costumes performance was held at A Luoi Town Square (Thua Thien Hue Province), with the participation of hundreds of artisans and actors from nine provinces and cities of Vietnam and Laos.

Features of the cultural space of ethnic minoritiesCelebrating Vietnam - Laos friendship

With the theme “Thắm tình đoàn kết, hữu nghị Việt – Lào” (“Vietnam - Laos close solidarity and friendship"), 32 art performances of folk songs, folk dances, unique and typical folk instruments of each locality manifested the close affection between the peoples, provinces, and cities of Vietnam and Laos.

The costume performances of H’re (Quang Ngai Province); Pa Co and Van Kieu (Quang Tri Province); Co Tu (Quang Nam Province); Pa Co, Ta Oi, Co Tu, Pa Hy (Thua Thien Hue Province), Gie Trieng (KonTum Province), which were arranged between the art performances, generated more impressive colors in front of thousands of audience and received warm applause.

Some photos at the festival of public arts and traditional costumes performance on the evening of May 18:

The performance “Làng hội vui mùa” ("Village festival on bumper crop") of Quang Ngai delegation opened the festival night

After the performances of folk instruments, and folk songs, etc., the Quang Ngai delegation continued with the costume performance of the H’re ethnic group

After that, there were lively music performances of Attapeu delegation

... and Salavan delegation from Laos

The music performance of Quang Tri delegation

… and the delegation’s costumes performance of Pa Co and Van Kieu ethnic groups also creates a lot of impressions

Co Tu ethnic costumes by Quang Nam delegation ...

..., in which the costumes made of bark and the professional performance received applause from thousands of audiences at the festival

After the bustling performance of Savannakhet delegation from Laos ...

…, was the colorful A Da Koonh dance by the host delegation Thua Thien Hue making an interesting appearance

Besides the unique traditional costumes of the ethnic groups including Ta Oi, Pa Co, Co Tu, and Pa Hy in Thua Thien Hue…

..., there was also a concert of nearly 10 national ethnic musical instruments, which was also the "main" performance in the festival night

By Han Dang

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