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01/12/2018 - 09:48

International cooperation to improve the quality of human resources for tourism

Hue Tourism College (HUETC) has promoted the international cooperation, sending lecturers abroad for training, and receiving support from foreign experts. This is playing an important role in improving the quality of training human resources for tourism.

Partners visit Hue Tourism College  to orient the sectors for co-operation

Good quality management

Mr. Vu Hoai Phuong, Rector of Hue Tourism College (HUTC) informed that the school has promoted the international cooperation in the field of academic exchanges, such as English, French, Chinese and Thai. The school also sends the lecturers abroad for high professional training. Over the years, dozens of lecturers have been trained in masters, doctorates and certificates in short courses. This has helped to increase the quality of the teaching staff”.

From the international cooperation, according to the assessment of Hue Tourism College’s leader, the greatest effect is quality management. The partners have supported to build the quality management systems in line with international standards, the internal and external assessment methods, and a set of management tools using questionnaires, as well as the criteria and procedures to deal with responsibilities. On that basis, these will help the school to manage through the system, evaluate the teaching job and the quality of the students more substantially, help the school to quantify and change the content of teaching more appropriate.

In tourism, the international cooperation is very important

For example, the Chisholm Institute (Australia) provides experts to guide the school in updating the curriculum content, training and assessing teachers’ capacity with training curricula of Australian Government in resort management and tour guide jobs. The experts directly attend the lecture, support the model teaching by the teaching methods aiming to approach the teaching ability and the standards of Chisholm Institute. They also discuss the problems encountered in teaching, guide and advise the school using assessment tools as well as the way to assess student competencies.

Recently, the HUTC held a workshop on assessing the implementation of three quality assurance tools funded by GIZ project (German), including "student traces", "business surveys" and "factory management". According to Ms. Ho Thi Thuy Nga, Vice Rector of HUTC, the application of three management tools helps the school to easily receive feedback from businesses and learners on its training quality; use and operate factories and laboratories in the right and saving way but still get the most effective one by “5S” (in Vietnamese language) factory management method: "selecting, arranging, cleaning, caring and getting ready."

One advantage of the HUTC graduated-students is that they have soft skills, foreign language ability, the ability to stand in front of the crowd, to organize movement games... This has helped the school receive great support from foreign experts. The school has just accepted experts from WUSC Vietnam, who has many years of experience in organizing events and soft skills. During their time at the school, foreign experts have actively participated in the activities to improve the quality of English language learning and provide students with the necessary skills, besides the trained professional skills.

Taking advantage

"Over the past years, more than 80% of our graduates have found jobs suitable to their trained careers. From 2016 until now, nearly all graduates of our school have got jobs in 4 to 5-star hotels," said Mr. Vu Hoai Phuong.

According to Mr. Vu Hoai Phuong, for effective and long-term cooperation, it is important to identify the appropriate units, use strengths of each other and help each other train the best lecturers who are needed by the partners, or support to build facilities. The Nouvelle - Aquitaine region (France), for example, is supporting the school to build the Hue Food Interpretation Center and open a new code on tourism being associated with the heritage.

Most recently, HUTC signed a memorandum of cooperation with Leshan Teachers’ College (China). Mr. Vu Hoai Phuong said that the cooperation with schools in China has been set up for a long time, however, the previous schools were beyond the reach of our school, so the cooperation was not promoted and ineffective.

Of Leshan Teachers’ College, HUTC has great expectations because Leshan has the strengths in applying information technology in teaching, creating lectures in 3D technology ... Leshan also helps train professional MCs specializing in organizing international conferences; the job that is needed in the tourism industry.

Accordingly, the Leshan Teachers College advises about investing facilities, trains lecturers and sends experts to help HUTC. In contrast, the HUTC will send lecturers to Leshan Teachers College to introduce and teach Hue royal dishes. This is a good condition to promote the exchange of culinary culture, explore tourism markets of the two sides.

The international cooperation is very important in integration, especially in tourism, Mr. Vu Hoai Phuong shared. In the coming time, the school continues to complete the set of tools for managing scientific quality more methodically basing on the partners’ foundations. Good quality control will provide quality students with good qualifications.

Story and photos: Duc Quang