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26/09/2021 - 15:38

Young soldiers - Days in the heart of the epidemic

Their time served in the army is only measured in months, but when the country needs them and give them order, they are ready to "go to war", and enter dangerous zones. Nearly 200 conscripts from units of the Provincial Military Command are present in concentrated quarantine areas - the frontline against the epidemic.

Switching their uniforms for protective gears

The time after soldier Nguyen Van Tuyen (1st Infantry Battalion, Regiment 6, Provincial Command) completed 3 months of training was also the return of the epidemic outbreak. The quarantine areas were expanded and he was ordered to the frontline to fight against the epidemic, serving at zone T10 (University of Foreign Languages, Hue University).

“I was worried when I received the order. I was worried because of my inexperience, not because I was afraid. However, many soldiers in my unit have previously served in quarantine areas. Some have even served 3 or 4 times in a row. So, when I came to take on the task, everyone taught me very enthusiastically. Especially, they gave me advice on how to treat the quarantined people and how to protect myself against the disease. Now, I have mastered my tasks," Tuyen shared.

With the tasks of delivering food and drinking water, and cleaning in the isolation area, every day, Tuyen and his teammates have to wear cumbersome protective suits and come in direct contact with quarantined citizens.

"That soldier isn’t admiring the trees or enjoying the flowers at noon, he’s just taking a quick rest. I have so much respect for these young soldiers”. This was a status posted on the Facebook page of a citizen quarantined at zone T6 (Truong Bia Dormitory) when he caught a glimpse of a soldier taking a rest after pushing a heavy food cart room after room to deliver food to the quarantined people.

In the first days of the mission, soldier Tran Duy Man (serving at zone T6) and his teammates were probably "shocked" by the large number of citizens returning daily, as there was some day more than 1,000 people being accepted into the quarantine area. This entailed a large amount of work and great pressure on time and capacity.

Tran Duy Man is not yet 20 years old. When volunteering to join the military service, Man probably did not think that beyond his military training and training duties, one day he would be serving side by side with his teammates on the frontline against the epidemic.

“Hard work is natural, but we are young, so we are not afraid of difficulties. If we don't sleep today, we can make up for it in the following days. When entering the army, swearing under the national flag, wearing the uniform of a soldier, we pledged to dedicate ourselves to the nation. We are ready to accept and complete any task, no matter how dangerous or difficult it may be," Tran Duy Man confided.

Motivation from the heart

"Youth means dedication". This was the short sentence that soldier Ngo Viet Long, serving at Zone T5 (National Defense Education Center, Hue University) told us when asked about the hardships while on duty on the frontline against the epidemic.

Every day, Long and his teammates prepared thousands of meals to serve the quarantined citizens. Washing vegetables, braising fish, cooking soup, etc., are tasks that Long had never done at home. However, when he accepted the tasks, he was able to carry them out smoothly.

Perhaps this has been a very memorable time for Long in the army. Because of the hardships and lurking danger of the epidemic, Long and his teammates realize how meaningful their youth is. They have dedicated their youth to helping others and have lived to the fullest.

Young logistics soldiers delivering food to quarantined people

Soldier Nguyen Gia Hoa, serving in Zone T3 (School of Human Resource Training and Development, Vietnam Joint Stock Commercial Bank for Industry and Trade), has stayed in the quarantine area since the early days of the new outbreak. Perhaps during his time in the army, he had spent less time in the unit than in the quarantine zone.

Hoa shared: “At first, when I was not used to the job, I was also worried and a bit afraid because there were many positive cases. If I was not careful, I could easily get infected. But, facing the pandemic, people's lives were not as peaceful as before. As a young man and a soldier, my contribution could not amount to the hardships of the medical staff or could be compared to the suffering of the people living in epidemic areas like Ho Chi Minh City? Making a small contribution in the fight against the epidemic is the motivation for us to strive every day with our mission."

No matter how difficult or dangerous any task is, no matter if they have to face immediate dangers and risks, the young soldiers like Long, Man, Tuyen... when taking on missions in quarantine areas on the frontline against the epidemic, share the same will. They are ready to take on any task, to stand alongside their teammates, and to dedicate the youth, energy, and sense of responsibility of a soldier to the country and people.

Senior Lieutenant Colonel Ngo Nam Cuong, Commander of the Provincial Military Command, affirmed: “Despite the short time serving in the army, ranging from a few months to over a year,  when trained in the military environment, the enlisted soldiers are always steadfast, make effort and take responsibility for their tasks. It is the dedication of the young soldiers who are a shining example for the quarantined people to be more aware of their responsibilities and comply with regulations on epidemic prevention.

When completing their military service, some soldiers will continue with their military career, and others will leave the army, but I believe that no matter what they endeavor, the soldiers will always promote the spirit of a soldier. That is the dedication and the unwavering spirit against difficulties and challenges”.

Story and photos: Thanh Thao