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Leading the market entry index

TTH.VN - In 2019, the provincial competitiveness index (PCI) of Thua Thien Hue led the whole country in 2 component indexes, namely market entry and transparency.

Departments, branches, localities: Competitiveness index to be evaluated

Transaction at the Public Administration Center of the province

Market entry is an index developed to assess the difference in market entry costs of enterprises between provinces. Specific targets include: Time for enterprise registration; time to change contents of enterprise registration; rate (%) of enterprises needing more time to complete all procedures to officially go into operation; whether procedures for signing a business in the one-door division are publicly listed or not; whether instructions on registration procedures for enterprises in the one-door division are clear and complete or not; whether officers carry out procedures to register enterprises with expertise, enthusiasm, friendliness and good application of information technology ...

In 2018, the PCI ranking of the province ranked 30th out of 63 provinces and cities, one rank lower in comparison with that of 2017 but the average score was quite high (63.51 points) and in the "Quite-good group" of the whole country instead of the top the "Average group" like the previous year. Especially, this year, the province leads the whole country in 2 component indexes: "Market entry" and "Transparency".

Making garment products at Vietnam Hello International Company

After the PCI results were announced by the Vietnam Chamber of Commerce and Industry (VCCI) on March 28, 2019, the Department of Planning and Investment (MPI) conducted research and analyzed the provincial contents appreciated by the enterprise community as well as those they were not satisfied with to advise the Provincial People's Committee on plans to improve appropriate ranking.

Through the analysis of the Department of Planning and Investment, out of 5 indexes of increase in 2018, there are 3 indexes of reduction in 2017 including: Market entry index; index of land access; enterprise support service index. All these 3 indexes have been improved; in particular, the above indexes increased by 25, 10 and 3 ranks, respectively.

Thus, the province's efforts in implementing solutions to improve the rankings in 2017 have been effective and recognized by the enterprise community. In particular, the market entry index has improved most significantly, going up by 25 ranks.

About the number of business registration days: the number of business registration days has been significantly shortened, the procedures are publicly listed, with clear, complete, knowledgeable, enthusiastic and friendly instructors. These has helped the province lead the country in this index.

According to Mr. Tran Minh Duc, Director of Hong Duc Joint Stock Company, in the past time, when contacting with the One-door division of the Department of Planning and Investment at the Province Public Administrative Service Center, he felt very satisfied because besides professional and friendly staff, he also got results sooner than prescribed time.

The above mentioned results are thanks to the continuous efforts of the Department of Planning and Investment in the administration and management work; the staff of offices, divisions of the department who have been constantly improving their responsibility, enthusiasm, fostering advanced professional knowledge, aiming at implementing well the process of shortening time, working through the paperwork timely for enterprises.

Mr. Nguyen Dai Vui, Director of Department of Planning and Investment explained, the main reason comes from the perception of enterprises is that the time to implement administrative procedures has not been shorter than the regulations and the number of working hours with the Tax check continue to rise. In addition, the provincial leaders have set out good guidelines, but they have not been well implemented at the commune/district level, the problems of the enterprises have not been solved in a timely way ...

In the coming time, the Department will continue to perform well the tasks of working with enterprises, especially in the procedures of granting investment registration certificates, supporting enterprises in solving difficulties and problems to ensure the project implementation make the right progress according to regulations. The Department will also focus on dealing with the paperwork through the online environment to make it transparent and save time for enterprises; strengthening support for small and medium enterprises to approach the policies of the State, proceeding to remove barriers, improve competitiveness for small and medium enterprises operating in the province.

This year's PCI also recognizes the province's efforts in building a transparent environment of planning information, bidding; and quickly providing necessary documents for enterprises and associations. Enterprises also partly promote their role in making comments and developing policies of the province through the increase of the 16th rank to the top of the country in transparency index.

Besides, the index of enterprise supporting service increased by 0.19 points and increased by 3 ranks, however, the ranking position is still in the last group of the whole country. The reason is that the number of trade fairs held by the province in recent years is very low; the number of enterprises providing private and FDI services is low; and, especially enterprises are still very skeptical about the quality of market information searching services, legal consulting services, business partners seeking services, trade promotion services, technology-related services, financial accounting training services and business management training services of private providers.

Therefore, although the proportion of enterprises that used the service as well as intend to continue using those services increased, the number of enterprises using private providers for these services dropped sharply. Reduced indicators are time costs, dynamism and labor training.

Story and photos: HA NGUYEN

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