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The Ao Dai Vietnam in Malaysia

TTH.VN - During a recent tourism survey in Malaysia, Hue tourism businesses chose to wear the traditional Ao Dai when working with partners.

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 Being out-standing with the traditional Ao Dai

Choosing the traditional costume

During the day working with the Malaysian tourism business partners, the Thua Thien Hue business delegation chose to wear the traditional Ao Dai. Wearing Ao Dai in Vietnam is a familiar image; however, when this costume is worn in another country, it would be extraordinary, standing out among dozens of people presenting at the meeting.

Mr. Dang Phuoc Hoa, Director of Thuan An Tourist Company, said that 3 days before leaving for Malaysia, the whole group gathered together to agree on specific tasks when connecting tourism in the partner country. When the working session was nearing the end, a team member gave a suggestion that during the working day with partners in their country, the team should wear something impressive, showing the characteristics of the Vietnamese people. So, the group immediately decided to choose the traditional Ao dai.

“Right after that, I contacted an Ao dai rental shop and went to choose the one I liked the most. After being consulted by the shop for costumes that could show both traditional and impressive features, I chose a yellow Ao dai with typical motifs associated with the ancient royal court. Along with that is a yellow turban for the whole set”, shared Mr. Hoa.

 Partners trying on Ao Dai

In the working day, the tourism delegation not only achieved the goal of cooperation in the tourism sector that opened new directions in doing business but also promoted the image of traditional Ao dai to the partner country. The partners all came to take pictures together, borrowed Ao Dai to try on, and had photos taken with the costume. That everyone was interested and excited about the traditional Ao Dai showed that the unity idea of wearing the traditional costumes was successful beyond expectations.

Mr. Fahmi, a tour guide in Malaysia, was so impressed with the Ao dai that Mr. Dang Phuoc Hoa was wearing that he offered to borrow this costume to try it on. Mr. Fahmi said, “The traditional costumes of your country are very beautiful, not too complicated, but by wearing them one looks very majestic, meanwhile giving a feeling of comfort. I will immediately share these images on social networks to "show off" to my friends and relatives."

Mr. Nguyen Dinh Thanh, Director of Dai Bang Tourism Joint Stock Company, said that early in the morning when he worked with the partners, he got up earlier than usual, taking the advantage of the time to iron the typical five-panel dress of Hue, giving it the best look. According to him, when wearing Ao dai, one should be very decent, even if it is an innovative Ao dai. This is because wearing Ao dai shows the pride of the nation. Apart from this, he also read more documents about the traditional Ao Dai so that when the partners might raise questions relating to this costume, he could give the most accurate answer.

Let's spread the traditional culture

Mr. Hoang Van Khanh, the director of the Vietravel Branch in Thua Thien Hue, said that Thua Thien Hue was building a brand name “the Capital of Ao dai”; therefore, businesses should determine that they need to do something to promote and introduce the typical culture of their country in general and the ancient capital in particular to countries around the world.

This is even more important for tourism businesses, as it aids to introduce a culturally rich destination; hence, it will motivate tourists to come to Hue, including the Malaysian market.

Mr. Do Ngoc Co, Chairman of the Provincial Travel Association also added that, during the working session, he had invited the partners to visit Hue in particular and Vietnam in general on the nearest day to experience wearing the traditional Ao dai combining with "checking in" the heritage system, mossy fortress, ancient space, as well as learning about the Vietnamese culture. Hue enterprises are always ready to welcome and provide the most attractive experiences.

The partners also confirmed that they will come to Hue and promote new tours to bring guests to a culturally rich city like Hue.

According to Mr. Co, there will be few opportunities to go abroad in combination with promoting traditional culture. Seeing partners feel excited about the traditional costumes has motivated businesses to find new solutions to introduce Ao Dai to many markets and countries around the world. After this trip, during domestic and international tourism cooperation trips, Hue tourism enterprises will choose the traditional Ao dai to wear when working or having diplomatic meetings.

While trying on Ao Dai Vietnam, Fahmi had felt highly appreciated. He said, “your country has a history of thousands of years. We are different. I see that you guys love and appreciate the traditional costume and want to promote them in our country, which makes us cherish it more. Therefore, in our ability, we will support you in promoting the image of your traditional costumes to our country in the best way”.

Mr. Truong Thanh Minh, Director of the Provincial Tourism Promotion Information Center, said that traditional costumes are the crystallization of the historical process and the quintessence of the national culture. Going to another country and always being proud of wearing ao dai will undoubtedly contribute to promoting and affirming the nation's enduring cultural values over time. We would progress to build the traditional Ao dai to become a unique souvenir product, a typical cultural tourism product that tourists experience when coming to Hue.

The fact that if each cadre, civil servant, public official, citizen, etc., joins hands to wear traditional costumes and introduce good cultural values, it will be the way to promote the nation's traditional culture abroad, contributing to the construction of the image - "Hue - the Capital of Ao Dai".

Story and photos: Quang Sang
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