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Inside the quarantine and isolation areas of Hue Central Hospital - Branch 2

TTH.VN - Doctors are considerate and thoughtful, quarantine and isolation procedures strictly comply with regulations so as to ensure the safety of doctors and patients. Clean spaces, guaranteed hygiene, and nutritious food, etc., are the things that we have found in the area where patients with suspected or confirmed COVID-19 are quarantined and isolated at Hue Central Hospital - Branch 2.

Don’t be afraid to visit Hue

Once again, it shows that in addition to the team of nurses and doctors with good expertise and high medical ethics, adequately equipped facilities meeting the needs of medical examination and treatment, both branches of Hue Central Hospital can confidently take on difficult tasks, such as treating patients with suspected or confirmed COVID-19 at this time.

To better understand the work of the frontline doctors in the quarantine and isolation areas at Hue Central Hospital - Branch 2 and the patients who are quarantined/isolated there, Thua Thien Hue Weekly would like to introduce a photo reportage, which has just been implemented by reporter group of Thua Thien Hue Newspaper.

Prof. Dr. Pham Nhu Hiep, Director of Hue Central Hospital making a phone call to directly inquire a foreign patient after she was treated in the isolation area

Doctors in their shift consult with medical experts

Reading patient’s health parameters to a member of the on-duty shift outside

In addition to medical examination, the doctors also talk and encourage patients to make them feel comfortable when being quarantined/isolated

Screens being used to monitor patient’s rooms via camera

The space around the quarantine and isolation areas is warned and strictly protected

Service robots are used to bring drinking water and food to patients in the quarantine/isolation area

The hot meals with enough nutrients are served to patients

Blankets, bed sheets, and pillowcases are always clean and hygienic

Hospital beds are ready

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Accompanying F0 in the treatment of COVID-19

Established on January 3, up to now, Hue Volunteer Doctors Association (HVDA) with more than 100 members has accompanied more than 6,000 cases of F0 home treatment in the city, in which, more than 70% of cases are the elderly, children and unvaccinated patients.

Accompanying F0 in the treatment of COVID-19
Enterprises unite to share

A turbulent year drew to an end, but what remains in each enterprise in Hue is the sharing of orders among factories as well as the support for employees in difficult times in order to create strength together for surmounting the pandemic.

Enterprises unite to share
To live is to share

Doctor (Dr.) Nguyen Viet Quang Hien (born in 1987), Deputy Secretary of the Youth Union, Deputy Head of Department of Anesthesiology and Resuscitation A - Hue Central Hospital is one of 65 nationwide familiar faces honored to receive the Award of "Youth living a beautiful life" in 2021 of the Central Committee of the Vietnam Youth Union.

To live is to share
Go to Sình village to see “vật lệ”

On the early morning of January 10, lunar calendar (on February 10, 2022), the villagers of Lại Ân (also known as Sình village, in Phú Mậu commune - Hue city) went to the communal house to perform rituals to Thanh Hoang (Tutelary god), worship ancestors and organize “vật lệ” (a small-scale wrestling event) in front of the communal house yard.

Go to Sình village to see “vật lệ”
Letters from Saigon

“Thank you Hue city, for bringing such loving hearts to Saigon. The work is hectic, but the doctors always treat the patients with soft, sympathetic words…”. Saigon - Ho Chi Minh City in "windy" days was still warm with the white-coat soldiers on the front lines of pandemic prevention and control. People from far away come to join the city to "fight the enemy"_ COVID-19.

Letters from Saigon
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