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More new destinations, more tourist attractions

TTH.VN - In tourism, the novel and unique elements always attract tourists to each destination. Over the past time, many new products have been put into operation in Hue in order to attract and satisfy customers more and more.

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Kayak and Sup surfing on Tam Giang lagoon are the new products which have just been put into operation

More new products

In the middle of May 2019, the tourist destination Bach Ma Village, which was well-known as the slide waterfall, was officially exploited. Since the first days of welcoming tourists, this tourist destination has always attracted a great number of tourists coming to experience the services. The travel agencies have also stepped up exploiting tours. Hence, this tourist destination becomes the “hottest” destination in Hue in this summer.

According to the evaluation of the Travel Association, the reason why Bach Ma Village can attract many tourists is that it has the methodical investment, and quality and unique services. Coming here, tourists can feel like coming to the beautiful Hobbit fairy-tale village in New Zealand, where was the background of the famous film “The Lord of the rings”.

Bach Ma Village is called “the Hobbit” fair-tale land in Vietnamese version. It is located right in the buffer zone of Bach Ma national forest, at the foot of the 1.400m high mountain, surrounded by the immense verdant dense wood. It brings to tourists the experiences of 4 seasons in 1 day, and it seems like a natural masterpiece, a “one of a kind” product of Hue.

After the trip to experience the services in Bach Ma Village, Mr. Nguyen Van Hung, General- Secretary of Travel Association shared that the first feeling when stepping to Bach Ma Village was “checking-in” freely (new discovery), posing for the ravishing photos. With the thoughtful services, it is expected to be the most novel, interesting and attractive tourist destination for tourists coming to Hue in particular, and those who come to the Central Vietnam in general this year.

The uniqueness of Bach Ma Village is that tourists can experience sleeping in camps, helping them back to nature. Besides, thanks to the night camping area with lighting system, the natural springs also become more sparkling, making tourists like entering the new world.

Bach Ma Village is called “The Hobbit” fairy-tale land in Vietnamese version

In addition to Bach Ma Village, in this summer, enterprises in Hue also put into operation the unique products existing only in Hue. Mr. Nguyen Dinh Thuan, Director of Eagle Tourism Joint Stock Company said that 2 years ago, the company came into operation the “Epark Tam Giang Lagoon” (Quang Loi commune, Quang Dien district). As for this summer, in order to meet the increasing diverse need of tourists, the company has put into operation the services such as Sup, Kayak surfing, and yoga practicing in Tam Giang lagoon.

During Hue Festivals and Hue Traditional Craft Festivals, if tourists are in need, the service of contemplating Hue from above by hot air balloons is a novel and different experience. Recently, the flight tour to contemplate Hue – Da Nang from above and vice versa has been also put into operation and initially maintained a stable number of tourists, and was highly appreciated for the originality. The tours of riding bicycles to discover the Highway 49B which are inherent in the historical road also leave good impressions on tourists when they come to Hue.

Practicing yoga on Tam Giang lagoon, a novel experience

Increasing the diversity

The uniqueness and difference of tourism products are the important strengths in the work of increasing destinations’ competitiveness. The unique and constantly changing products not only attract tourists to come for the first time, but also attract the influxes of tourists to come back to Hue in the second time to experience those new services. Diversifying the products also creates a dynamic tourism environment, contributing to increasing the ability to attract investment in the tourism sector.

The tourism sector assessed that although the new tourism products, which have been put into operation over the past time, are not enough to create a “big push” for Hue, it partly promotes the diversity for Hue tourism. The good things for these new products are the stable number of tourists and the guaranteed quality.

In addition to the exploited products, some of the new and unique products are also ready to be put into operation. It is expected that after a short time, services like Sup and Kayak surfing on the Huong river will be exploited. The Huong river itself is a tourism product of Hue, now it is promised to be more interesting when being “flavored”.

According to the suggestion of Mr. Tran Luc, Vice Director of the Da Nang branch of Saigontourist, although the Huong river is very beautiful, it needs more new points to get more attractions. For example, with the influx of cruise tourists, because of the short time of staying, it is necessary for the tourism sector to plan the project of building the area serving voyagers to “check-in” and pose for photos in the two riversides of Huong river. Furthermore, the appropriate parking lot is also needed to help tourists save time to post for photos. Thanks to these measures, the outlook for more cruise tourists come to Hue can come true.

At the beginning of June 2019, the Hue branch of Ha Noi Tourism Joint Stock Company for the first time held the teambuilding event right on the Huong river with the sailing competition. The venue was the segment passing Thuy Bieu ward (Hue city).

After this “unique” tour, tourists praised incessantly for its attraction and difference. The company informed that they will step up exploiting, supplementing services, as well as enhance the promotion to promote the teambuilding activity on the Huong river, so it can become the “key” product in the coming time.

The tourism sector said that they will keep on encouraging businesses to invest more new products. Bach Ma Village and Epark Tam Giang Lagoon, which are the two typical products with guaranteed quality, need to be expanded to create more attractive destinations in Hue.

Story, photos: Duc Quang


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