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30/12/2018 - 15:03

Focusing on promoting tourism in key markets

That is the comment of the delegates and businesses for the promotion of Hue tourism industry in 2019.

Malaysian famtrip delegation surveyed Hue tourism in 2018

On the afternoon of December 27, Hue Tourism Promotion Information Center organized a review of tourism promotion and popularization in 2018, and carried out key tasks in 2019.

According to the report of the Tourism Promotion Information Center, in 2018, the industry has installed an automatic information supply system at Phu Bai International Airport and Hue Station; installed a system of signposts in Hue city and other districts and towns, thereby increased the ability to provide information to visitors; continued to participate in many national tourism fairs such as, Hanoi VITM fair 2018, Ho Chi Minh city festival day 2018 ... and international ones, such as participating in promoting Hue tourism in Thailand, Germany, Japan, Singapore ...; organized a warm welcome to the famtrip and presstrip delegations to survey and build new tour routes; organized the contest “Beautiful photos for Thua Thien Hue tourism 2018”...

The tourism industry taking part in a tourism promotion in Singapore in October 2018

However, due to limited funding and many difficulties in socialization and popularization of tourism promotion, the popularization capacity could not expand to new and potential markets yet.

The enterprises said that in 2019, to be more effective at the promotion work, the tourism industry needs to diversify its form of promotion, especially taking advantage of the 4.0 revolution, bringing Hue's image closer to visitors; enhancing the promotion in Hue's key and traditional markets, especially in Western Europe and Northeast Asia; continuing to invite famtrip and presstrip delegations to Hue to survey and create opportunities for tourism businesses to cooperate with each other. In addition, Hue tourism industry needs to coordinate with Quang Nam and Da Nang to increase resources and to arranges trips to promote and popularize tourism more effectively.

By Duc Quang