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09/10/2018 - 16:57

Hue City to build cultural artistic space on Le Loi Street

On October 8, the Chief of Office of the Provincial People's Committee Hoang Ngoc Khanh said that, according to the project issued by Provincial People’s Committee, the cultural artistic space of Hue City center will be built on Le Loi Street, stretching from Phu Xuan Bridge to Truong Tien Bridge.

Diem Phung Thi artistic center is on Le Loi Street

The project aims to connect the system of artistic centers, showrooms, museums, etc., to create highlights and raise the position of the province; establishing a cultural artistic space to meet the need of scientific researching, studying, teaching and popularizing knowledge about history, culture and science to serve the demand of enjoying culture of the public; making an attractive destination for tourists and contributing to the economic - social development of the province.

The project details the cultural and services activities for visiting tourists in Le Loi Street area to ensure the synchronism with the detailed project of the two sides of the Perfume River, which is being deployed by the KOICA Project Management Board.

The main activities are upgrading infrastructure, transportation, road and sidewalk systems, building the electric and artistic light systems to ensure the light connection of Truong Tien Bridge and park spaces. At the same time, dismantling the fence systems of buildings, guest houses, business establishments, etc., to create clear space and ensure the harmony of the Perfume River scenery and areal security, etc.

Story, photo: Thai Binh