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“Charging” energy from trips

TTH.VN - Ignoring worries and work overload in daily life, many young people choose going on trips to relieve stress and balance their emotions on weekends for themselves.

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 Practicing yoga when being on the beach

Relieving fatigue

For more than two years until now, every weekend, Nguyen Thi Mai in Phuong Duc Ward (Hue City) has had trips to "relieve fatigue" after workdays. She often directs to places where she can be immersed in nature, such as Bach Ma National Park, or beautiful springs in Hue such as Su Cross-valley (Phu Loc), Pârle (A Luoi) …

"I like being close to nature, listening to the birds, feeling the sound of flowing springs, etc. These things help me balance my emotions a lot," Mai shared.

Mr. Le Hong Quan in Phuoc Vinh Ward (Hue City) also often leaves the city to find a peaceful place every weekend. As an officer, Hong Quan said that he felt stuffy when he had to hover in four walls at workplace. Every day off, Quan spends time to get away from the bustling city. Sometimes, he goes to the beach to hear the waves crashing, sometimes he goes to the forest with friends to set up tents and camp. The pressure thereby dissipated and helped him regain energy to start a new week.

 Being close to nature is the choice of many young people

Not only having a change of space, of the environment, the trips of young people are also often combined with sports, or active games to "recharge" energy.

“I have a habit of jogging in the morning; so, there is no exception for the days of rest and stress relief. Sometimes I jog along the sea, watch the sunrise, and watch the fishing boats returning in the early morning; sometimes I go hiking in the early morning. Maintaining the habit of exercising helps me feel full of energy," said Hong Quan.

"Say goodbye" to the internet, social networks

When going on a picnic, Mai often practices yoga and meditation. She temporarily postpones using the internet and social networks, to be undisturbed in mind and revive her spirit from stress and fatigue. Only keeping in touch with family and friends through phone calls, Mai "says goodbye" to the "virtual" world. That helps her reduce stress and spend more time for herself.

Having a passion for “backpacking” and photography, Ho Khac Nhat Huy, from Truong An Ward, loves to roam the streets at the weekends. Sometimes he runs to A Luoi to experience the highland market-days; sometimes, down to the beach for campfire.

“Riding the motorbike through the quiet space across the mountains gives me a very comfortable feeling. Besides enjoying the scenery, taking photos, and "backpacking" at the weekend, those are also a way for me to stay away from social networks and not waste time on "surfing" the internet every day," Nhat Huy confided.

An increasing modern society makes young people work more and more to keep up with the times. Therefore, "stress relief" trips have become a necessity for them. With the short breaks each week, young people come back to nature, improve their mental health and gain more energy to "burn" with their work.

Story and photos: Dang Trinh
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